executive coaching

Our coaching process focuses on how the job is done rather than what is done. We use the coaching engagement to assess success-related competencies, to reinforce existing strengths, to uncover blind-spots and to close the gaps between existing and desired behavior. We believe that any behavioral changes must be sustainable, in vivo, and aligned with business goals. Coaching is not psychotherapy; it does not focus on healing and recovery. Coaching is a prospective process, assisting executives to use appropriate behavioral tactics to achieve business imperatives.

Many consultants, from a myriad of backgrounds, label themselves as coaches. They each bring a unique perspective which may contribute knowledge to the business manager. At PERISCOPE we believe that the value of the executive coach lies in the ability to assist executives in making and sustaining behavioral changes. As psychologists, with years of consulting experience in business settings, we possess the training, tools and tactics that make us particularly effective in this work. Our behavioral science background uniquely positions us to apply the constructs of emotional intelligence to workplace interactions.

More Information:
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