As a boutique firm, we customize engagements for our client companies. One size does not fit all.

A typical engagement might include the following steps:

Foundation Building

  • Purpose and Scope of Engagement
  • Rapport Check
  • Alignment of Key Stakeholders

Data Gathering

  • History and Background
  • Feedback Interviews (90/180/360 degree)
  • Psychometrics

Goal Setting with Metrics

  • Identify Default Behaviors
  • Differentiate Effective/Ineffective Actions
  • Set Observable Behavioral Targets


  • Reinforce/Modify/Adopt Situational-Specific Behavior
  • Strengthen Self-Observation and Self-Management
  • Median Length of Engagement - 18 Months
  • Routine Key Stakeholder Involvement


  • Behavioral Consistency and Sustainability

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