Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.: VP

W. Douglas Brown

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

On a number of occasions, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc has retained Dr. Lloyd Brotman to provided counseling/coaching services to selected executives. Accordingly, over the years I have worked extensively with Lloyd as he counsels some of our high potential people. Lloyd has been extremely effective and has been well received both by the people he has coached, but also by the rest of the organization as he seeks input in order to counsel his clients.

Lloyd has a unique skill set that allows him to very quickly grasp what the issues are, but more importantly he seems to have a direct but non threatening way to express to his clients what their perceived issues are. He then appears to have their confidance such that he can work with them to achieve their professional/interpersonal goals.

Obviously, no company is going to retain a professional such as Dr. Brotman for every employee who has some challenges, but for high potential, high value employees the use of Dr. Brotman's time and skills can be a very intelligent investment and one that is well received by every one involved in the process.

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