Colorcon: President and CEO

Mike McLelland

President and CEO
Colorcon, Inc.

As CEO of COLORCON, a Berwind company, I was looking for a way to enhance communication among members of our Global Leadership Team. Through the process of simultaneous 360 evaluations, individual coaching and development planning, Lloyd Brotman, of PERISCOPE, helped our team break down defensive barriers to create a feedback-rich culture. Once it became clear that effectiveness was enhanced by openly addressing key performance metrics, team members who, at first, resisted direct feedback learned to embrace it.

In addition, Lloyd’s consulting helped us manage talent by addressing both developmental and remedial issues. We provided executive coaching for selected high potentials as they moved up through the organization and to address senior executives’ performance issues that might have been career limiting. Coaching helped our senior executives clarify priorities, refocus energy and achieve their stated goals.

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