Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: SVP

Joseph Camardo, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Dr. William Liberi was engaged at Wyeth to assist with a transition of leadership in Medical Affairs, a key division of the organization that provides medical support for the Wyeth business. I have worked with him for three years, during which time, with his help, we have created a new strategic focus for the division, upgraded the performance of the senior management team and maintained focus on the key objectives we have set as a group.

His insight into the strengths and weaknesses of me and my direct staff, as individuals and as a team, combined with his knowledge of the business at Wyeth and the senior business leadership, have provided me with direct, reliable, and important guidance to improve the performance of my team and to enhance my own performance in the organization. He provides an extraordinary level of personal engagement and his recommendations to me are based on accurate knowledge gleaned from interviews with my peers and supervisors, along with excellent insight into how to adapt my personal preferences to be most successful in this organization.

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